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Theory of Computation



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Scott Aaronson: 6.896 Quantum Complexity Theory

Bonnie Berger:

Alan Edelman:18.338 Eigenvalues of Random Matrices and 18.06 Linear Algebra

Erik Demaine: (On Leave)

Michel Goemans: 8.854/18.415Advanced Algorithms

Shafi Goldwasser: on leave

Piotr Indyk:

David Karger:

Jon Kelner: 18.440 Probability and Random Variables

Tom Leighton: 6.042/18.062 Mathematics for Computer Science

Charles Leiserson:

Nancy Lynch: 6.885 Distributed Algorithms for Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Albert Meyer:

Silvio Micali: 6.876/18.426 Advanced Topics in Cryptography

Ron Rivest: 6.006 Introduction to Algorithms

Ronitt Rubinfeld: (On Leave)

Peter Shor: 18.435 Quantum Computation

Mike Sipser:6.840/18.404 Theory of Computation

Madhu Sudan:

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