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Bonnie Berger: 18.418Topics in Computational Molecular Biology

Alan Edelman: On leave

Erik Demaine: 6.851 Advanced Data Structures

Michel Goemans: 18.433 Combinatorial Optimization

Shafi Goldwasser: On leave

Piotr Indyk: 6.850 Geometric Computing

David Karger: 6.856J Randomized Algorithms

Tom Leighton:

Charles Leiserson: On leave

Nancy Lynch: 6.045J Automata, Computability, and Complexity

Albert Meyer: 6.042J Mathematics for Computer Science

Silvio Micali: 6.875J Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

Ron Rivest:

Ronitt Rubinfeld: 6.896 Sublinear Time Algorithms

Peter Shor: 18.424 Seminar in Information Theory

Mike Sipser:

Madhu Sudan: 6.841J/18.405J Advanced Complexity Theory



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