George Hart at MIT
a collaboration between MIT and sculptor/mathematician George Hart
In addition to George Hart and his host Erik Demaine at MIT, several people participated in this project:


  • Martin Demaine (CSAIL) and abhi shelat (CSAIL) -- many hours of preparation including laser-cutting wood and paper
  • Rebecca Frankel (CSAIL) -- helped with oil finish
  • Rodney Brooks (CSAIL) -- providing access to his shop including a laser cutter
  • Mark Hoffman (Teradyne) and Moses Liskov (CSAIL) -- took many photos, some of which are displayed here
  • Tom Buehler (CSAIL Computer Graphics group) -- produced the videos
  • Michele Oshima, Nicole Ackerman, and Marc Rios (Office of the Arts) -- advertisement and many behind-the-scenes logistic arrangements
  • Tech Talk -- publicity before and after the residence.


Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139