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The Computation & Biology Group comprises members from the Department of Mathematics and EECS at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Theory of Computation group at the MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). The group focuses on various areas of research within the field of Computational Biology. More details concerning the group's recent work can be found on Professor Berger's website.


Weekly Meeting Time & Location

Meeting: Thursdays, 4 pm or 12.30pm MIT's Building 32, The Stata Center, room TBA, *indicates that the meeting that week is at 12pm. **indicates special meeting time.

General Directions to MIT:
Location of Building 32:

Please be advised that times are subject to change and that meetings are not open to the general public.




Week of Date Speaker
Jun 5 No Meeting
Jun 12 Nathan Palmer
Jun 19 Luke Hutchison
Jun 26 Chris Bakal
Jul 3-10 No Meeting
Jul 17 Allen Bryan
Jul 24 Andrew McDonnell
Jul 31 Oaz Nir
Aug 7 Shannon Wieland
Aug 14 Matt Menke
Aug 21 Vinay Pulim  
Aug 28 Michael Baym
Sep 4 First week of classes // Michael Baym
Sep 11 Jerome Waldispuhl
Sep 18 Patrick Schmid
Sep 25* Greg Pintilie
Oct 2 TBA
Oct 9 Shannon Wieland
Oct 16 * Rohit Singh
Oct 23 * Chris Bakal
Oct 30 Matt Menke
Nov 6 * Allen Bryan
Nov 13 * Luke Hutchison
Nov 20 Nathan Palmer
Nov 27 Thanksgiving
Dec 4 * Andrew McDonnell
Dec 11 David Sontag
Dec 18 Final Exams
Dec 25 Winter Break
Jan 1 Winter Break





Organizers & Questions


The group is headed by MIT Professor of Applied Math Bonnie Berger. Professor Berger is also affiliated with CSAIL & HST. Information concerning group members can be found on Professor Berger's web page.

For general questions, please mail Patrice Macaluso


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