Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Graduate Study in Computer Science (Area II)

Fall 2006


Area II Chair: Prof. Seth Teller - CSAIL

Area II Secretary: Joanne T. Hanley - CSAIL

EECS Administration: Marilyn Pierce (, room 38-444, 253-4648.

Area II Committee: Professors Agarwal, Balakrishnan, Davis, Devadas, Freeman, Goldwasser, Grimson, Jackson, Kaelbling, Leiserson, Lynch, Micali, Minsky, Popovic, Ward, and Zue.

Primary Laboratory: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)


Area II Open House Program from September 2006 Open House

Program Requirements Specific to Area II

Roadmap: Guide to Graduate Study in Area II

Guide for students admitted prior to September 1999.

Graduate Student Website

MIT EECS Graduate Handbook

Related Documents and Forms:

- EECS Departmental Memorandum 3800 - Doctoral Program Information
- EECS Departmental Memorandum 3903 - General information for Graduate Students
- EECS TQE Memorandum 3805. To apply
- EECS RQE Memorandum 3806. To apply
- Minor program - Memorandum 3807. To apply
- Old Minor application
- EECS Thesis and Thesis Proposal Memorandum 3802
- Latex templates for Thesis Proposal Forms (all three forms) And in .ps format below:
------ PhD proposal form
------ PhD Thesis Reader Agreement.
------ PhD-thesis-supervision
- Sample PhD proposal .ps
- Sample SM proposal. (Also, (.ps)
- SM Proposal form. (Also, .ps)
- mitthesis style files
- Area Exam application (.ps) and area exam description (.ps) for students in the old program.

EECS Graduate Administrator, Marilyn Pierce is very knowledgeable about both the new and old programs and can be reached at, 253-4648, building 38-444. Questions regarding the M.Eng program should be directed to Anne Hunter.