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The Eleventh Annual Conference on
Computational Learning Theory

July 24-26, 1998

University of Wisconsin, Madisson, WI

The Eleventh Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory (COLT '98) will be held at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, Wisconsin. The conference will be co-located with the Fifteenth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML'98) and the Fourteenth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence ( UAI '98). It will be directly followed by the Fifteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence ( AAAI '98). For a list of AI-related conferences held in Madison during the summer of 1998, click here .

Conference Information

  • Program Chairs: Peter Bartlett and Yishay Mansour.

    Program Committee: Dana Angluin, Peter Auer, Peter Bartlett (co-chair), Jonathan Baxter, Avrim Blum, Nicolo Cesa-Bianchi, William Cohen, Bill Gasarch, Yishay Mansour (co-chair), Vijay Raghavan, Dan Roth, Ronitt Rubinfeld, Stuart Russell, and Rolf Wiehagen.

  • Local Arrangements Chairs: John Case, Jude Shavlik (also chair of ICML), and Bob Sloan.

  • Schedule and Abstracts

  • Registration Information Late Registration -- Postmarked by June 24

    NOTE: registrants to any of COLT, ICML, or UAI will be allowed to attend, without additional costs, the technical sessions of the other two conferences. Thus the choice of which conference to register to only determines the proceedings one receives.

  • Hotel Information.

    Additional Local Information (including maps and general information about the university and the area.)

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